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Dr.Chetan Oswal is an established expert in the field of Arthroscopy, Sports Medicine and Related Surgery. He has his exclusive clinic for Knee and Shoulder Problems- Orthowin Speciality Clinic in Pune, and first of its kind in entire Pune district region. This clinic is dedicated to orthopedics super specialty like Joint Replacement, Ligament injuries and Sports medicine, mostly Knee and shoulder joints and also related to Ankle, Elbow, Hip, and Wrist.

Dr.Chetan Oswal graduated (MBBS) from B. J. Medical College, Pune with flying colors with distinction in the first year. Dr.stigious Seth G.S.Medical College and K.E.M. Hospital, Mumbai standing third in entire Maharashtra state. During his residency, he learned the skills of Arthroscopy of Knee and Shoulder from his experienced teachers at the renowned teaching hospital.

Arthroscopy Surgeon in Pune is a very subjective term, as there are a number of doctors in India specializing in Arthroscopy across several top hospitals. Dr.Chetan Oswal is notably amongst one of the best-known Arthroscopy Surgeon in Pune.

Arthroscopy Surgeon In Pune
MBBS, MS - Orthopaedics




Dr Chetan Oswal Orthowin Speciality Clinic Knee and Shoulder Surgeon.”

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